In 2017, Instagram users numbered around 800 million — and 11.1 million of those users double-tapped Beyoncé’s iconic Madonna and Child-inspired pregnancy photo shot by artist Awol Erizku.

The post, made on July 14, is not only the most popular photo this year, it’s the most-liked photo of all time. Part mall portrait studio-inspired and part classical high art, the photo was an example of a celebrity completely commanding the press around their image.

“To click through a slideshow of magazine covers depicting famous pregnancies is to note how Beyoncé preempted the usual visual barrage of tabloid headlines,” The Atlantic’s Spencer Kornhaber wrote. “To click through a slideshow of “creative” celebrity pregnancy announcement is to realize what a higher level Beyoncé is playing on compared to most. Some stars slap an Instagram filter on their tummy; others post a cute visual metaphor of baby boots next to adult boots. Beyoncé has orchestrated something that could hang at a gallery.”

Here are a few other Instagram-related stats in case you need some fodder for dinner table conversation: #Love was the most-used hashtag of this year, the puppy filter was the most used filter (of course), and — something you might not have guessed — Disneyland was the most popular place in the world for posts. This gets me thinking…can you imagine what would happen if Beyoncé posted a photo of her kids at Disneyland?

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