The Icelandic artist’s new album, ‘Utopia,’ will be out next month

In a move that seems very Björk, Björk interviewed herself in a new feature with W. One thing we learned? She has a lot to say about flutes.

Though a release date has not yet been confirmed, Utopia will be her ninth studio album. In the interview with herself, the artist starts off by saying she has just sent the last files off for mastering. She writes, in her lowercase, very Björk-like way, about her collaboration with Venezuelan producer Alejandro Ghersi, whether she dreams of utopia coming true, and, in her own words “cliché questions like what would you tell your teenage self?”

Here are some highlights:

Björk on flutes: “they got me this young flute teacher who introduced me to recent finnish flute music which was so gorgeous and kinda folk and very connected to nature but also had a bit of atonal avant-garde in it. it kinda liquided back and forth between ancient folk melodies and the sound effecty abstract. what’s not to love? then i started in punk bands and played flute in a couple of them, for example “anna” with kukl and “glóra,” i think it’s on youtube?”

Björk on working with Alejandro Ghersi: “at the end of vulnicura i felt a deep musical connection with him, i felt guilty having dragged him through such a dramatic and difficult subject matter and that we had earned a lightness. and he had served my mission with such elegance and dignity, i wanted to find another point of view where we could have the ideal utopian musical collaboration without the baggage of my heartbreak, but there was also some sense of a deeper purpose neither of us even understand today.”

Björk on the legacy she wants to leave: “i enjoy most often with musicians on recordings like breaths, or coughs, or in lyric-writing, the sense of them and reality erotically merging or not merging…that kinda soft, truthful coordinate where the 2 touch effortlessly and unknowingly. if how they deal with it or how they don’t deal with it is captured, i guess its called the human condition? that sounds super self helpy though. Damn.”

Björk returned to Iceland for an equally resplendent and freaky photoshoot with Tim Walker. See all of the images here.

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