In case you were looking to have a…rather dark Valentine’s Day (or you’re looking to deeply fuck with a coworker or friend), the folks from Black Mirror have created a button to tell you when your relationship will end.
Referring to themselves as Coach Dating,  Black Mirror created a button inspired by the Hang the DJ episode of the show that featured a dystopian device called the “System,” which measures compatibility between you and your date, and determines how long things will last. Regardless of whether you love or hate your Tinder date, the length of time you’ll last is predetermined in the eyes of the “System.”
So, if you want to REALLY roll the dice this Valentine’s Day and make your dinner plans a lot more interesting, visit The big black button is about to shake things up a bit this Valentine’s Day because even though it’s obviously a random thing, now you’ll have it your mind. Thanks for nothing, Black Mirror!! Unless the black button tells you what you need to hear, and now you can show your phone to your significant other and say, “See, I told you!”
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