Body Acne? You’re Washing Yourself Wrong

Tell me, how do you take a shower? Are you a top-to-bottom person? Are you a multitasker who tends to condition, wash, shave, etc. all at once? If you’re the latter, then in the wise words of Vivian Ward: big mistake, huge.


Recently, Khloé Kardashian and Kylie Jenner took to YouTube to discuss tidbits of their beauty routines, and each gave us a CliffsNotes rundown of their shower routines: pink loofahs, body scrubs, and oodles of Amazon body oils. But, it’s not about what they use, but rather the chronology of it all.  A dire step to a spot-on KarJenner routine: fully rinsing your hair product out of your hair, before you get to washing your body.


Apparently, it’s a tip that both Khloé and Kylie abide by, one the older sister learned from her own dermatologist. The reason for this tiny adjustment to their rub-a-dub-dub time: the heavy oils and ingredients in your hair product can cause body acne.


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While the Kardashians aren’t exactly doctors, dermatologist and creator of SEEN Hair Care, Dr. Iris Rubin, does seem to agree with them. “For conditioner to work and give you beautiful, smooth locks, it leaves a residue by design on the hair,” Dr. Rubin says. “That same residue can get on the skin, clogging pores and causing breakouts. For example, it can leave a residue on the skin as it rinses down your face, chest and back in the shower.” She also notes that the residue can transfer directly from your hair to your skin, or from a pillowcase or towel. And don’t think you’re safe with your shampoo, either: According to Dr. Rubin, shampoo can cause acne and breakouts the same way conditioner does.


So, for cautionary procedure, make sure you rinse out your hair before you get to scrubbing your body. It may take some more time out of your day, but believe me, your skin will be thankful. Also, Dr. Rubin suggests investing in a non-comedogenic haircare routine (like the SEEN Hair Care line) to keep your body at bay of any dreaded b-acne. Make sure to wash responsibly by checking out the line, below.


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