Does Your Spring Look Need a Pick-Me-Up?

Too much of a good thing is never a bad thing. A good cut of denim is like chocolate or wine—you can never get enough of it, no matter how much you take in. This season, the most beloved cut is the trusty cropped boyfriend: fitted at the hips, loose at the legs, and falling at right that sweet spot to best frame a good pair of shoes. It’s comfy, shapely and most importantly, it flatters the tush.

And admit it, you’ve found yourself turning to a boyfriend jean quite a few times this season, haven’t you? That’s nothing to feel guilty over; once you find a good thing, you might as well indulge.

Your concern should not be finding a different cut or style, but rather updating your approach to styling your trusty boyfriend jean.

boyfriend jean

Pick a bold top: a piece that stands for itself, done in a striking color and with lots of draping. Balance it out with a mini bag, whether it’s a clutch or a crossbody, plus a pair of simple, yet on-trend earrings.

And last but not least, you’ll need shoes. The best part about a cropped boyfriend jean is that literally any shoe pairs like a match made in heaven. You can tone things down with a simple canvas tennis shoe, but our suggestion is to amp up the volume. Go for a great set of pumps, preferably sling-backs.


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