Brad Pitt Is Fashion’s New King

Considering shopping fast-fashion now carries with it no small amount of shame—that, and the industry’s simultaneous push towards sustainability—it’s high time we do away with the intense stigma associated with an outfit repeat. Just ask Brad Pitt.


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Page Six reports this week that Pitt has been wearing the same outfit over and over again everyday this week. It’s as if he dropped everything he was doing and flew to another country, suitcase be damned. The look carries with it the familiar dishevelment of an airline losing your luggage; or a one-night stand that out of sheer laziness (or love, I guess?) turned into a three day slumber party; or, if for you, like me, a washing machine is not particularly accessible, and you’re seeing different people upon each outing.


All of these may be the case for Pitt, but there’s also the case that he just found a great outfit that works and he’s doubling down. So what does this look consist of? And why? We worked it out.


The Newsboy Cap


Isabel Marant

Gabor Newsboy Hat



It was only recently that we implored you to purchase a newsboy cap à la that of Pitt’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood co-star Margot Robbie. Frankly, this just further hammers it home. Long gone are the days of the fedora, this is the celebrity-incognito-chic hat.


The Long-Sleeve-Short-Sleeve-Layered-T-Shirt-Shirt Combo



Oversized Layered T-shirt



Nothing says “meet me under the bleachers” quite like a T-shirt layered over a long-sleeve one. Even in his 50s, Pitt manages to effortlessly pull off Bushwick-skater-unisex chic. Hats off.


A Straight Black Jean


Levi Strauss & Co.

Wedgie Straight



Brad Pitt knows as well as anyone the importance of a black jean to serve as an outfit’s base. Wear as many times over as you need, no one will be any the wiser.


A Strong Tennis Shoe



One Star Low Top Sneakers



It’s a risky choice for a clean freak, but there’s nothing quite like a white shoe to offset an outfit. Versatile and comfortable, the white tennis sneaker works with any outfit and can certainly be worn for days on end.


Thank you for showing us the way, Brad.

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