An Ode To Bradley Cooper’s Recent Embrace Of Boho Chic

To say break-ups are tough is an enormous understatement. Not only are you abruptly forced to reevaluate your life’s direction as a ‘single person,’ but you have to rebuild your self-esteem and oftentimes, that comes in the form of a wardrobe update. 

Which certainly seems to be the case when it comes to Bradley Cooper, who recently went through a very public separation with long-time girlfriend, Irina Shayk. You might remember Shayk’s Burberry boiler suit in which she was seen with her suitcase, leaving her and Cooper’s shared home after their split (COOLS consequently claimed that Shayk “invented breakup style”), but that doesn’t even close to her ex-flame’s sartorial navigation of shaky post-breakup period. In a word (or two): boho chic. 

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The actor was spotted out for lunch with industry pal Laura Dern this weekend in a get-up that paid my bills and irrevocably cleared my skin. Almost as if the pair co-ordinated beforehand, Dern wore a flowing, floral-print maxi dress, while her date donned an Eagles cap, some Nike sneakers, and these pants: 


Who, or what, encouraged Cooper into a pair of crimson red, linen (as far as we can tell) baggy slacks? These are the trousers you shimmy into after a long day of sunning in Bali before you hop on your moped and head to a dinner of fresh summer rolls. They’re the pants you bought your fashion-challenged Dad for his birthday after he requested “something light for summer.” They scream, I’m on the other side of a mid-life crisis and it’s all blue skies and green meadows from here on out. They’re what you don on your solo motorbike safari across North Africa. 


If you’re looking for own pair, here are a few of our favorites, below, and may we keep Bradley Cooper in our prayers. 


Ann Taylor

Palazzo Pants



Wide-Leg Cargo Pants



Cooper Wide-Leg Linen-Blend Pants






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