Breakups are rough, and there’s not a lot beside time and drinking (or, IDK, something healthier like yoga or meditating) that can make them better. One of the major things that does help is talking about it. But after you’ve exhausted your friend resources and you know you can’t handle checking Instagram anymore, there’s now an app to help you through.


Mend, created by a former Google employee, is your “personal trainer for heartbreak,” with the aim of helping you move forward with your life and, you know, try to plan more than just ways to “accidentally” run into your ex. Ellen Huerta created the app after going through a breakup herself. She’s not only the founder but also Elle, the friendly voice that guides you through the stages of grief and anger and moving on.
An oft-repeated line on Mend sums up, in a single sentence, the beauty of the app. “We never get tired of hearing about your breakup,” it says. This is a hugely comforting thing to hear because, many times, even if you’ve rehashed the same relationship moments a hundred times, often you’re just looking to heal by putting feelings into words. Not only does Mend serve as an online community to vent, but it also wants to help you move on, whether that’s in the form of getting a better night’s sleep, offering topics like “detoxing” from your ex, or taking its broken-hearted users through journaling exercises and Spotify playlists.
Geri Dugan, a psychiatric nurse practitioner from Chicago, told the New York Times that, not only does she use the app herself, but she often recommends it to patients going through divorces. Technology might feel a little TOO involved in our lives sometimes, but every once in a while that can be a good thing — especially if it’s giving you the breakup playlist you didn’t even know you needed.
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