We Kinda Like Britain’s Ugliest Fashion Trends

Toto, we’re not in the Fire Island Pines anymore. Skintight Speedos are currently the top of the ugliest fashion trends according to the conservative-types of Britain—YouGov, a UK-based international market research and data analytics firm, recently surveyed Brits about some of the most divisive fashion items that are trending in 2018 and the results are officially in.

“With the summer holidays approaching and Brits ready to flock to the seaside, many don’t realise [sic] they are taking their sartorial life into their own hands. New YouGov research reveals that the beach is the natural habitat for the nation’s most detested item of clothing: speedos,” YouGov’s study reads, lampooning Speedos and the like.

While Speedo’s topped that list, with 74% of females proclaiming their aversion to the summertime sling, other items like leather trousers, flared trousers, Crocs, and Ugg boots also made the list of Britain’s most despised fashion items. Surprisingly, many of these items that Brits apparently hate, are also considered fashion trends on the runways of major brands like Balenciaga, Christopher Kane, and Y/Project.

These and many more may be heated topics of debate for some, but if you’re not afraid to take a walk on the wild side, then make a fashion statement and shop 15 of the best “ugliest fashion trends” out there with our guide to wearing fashion’s boldest current looks.

Speedos, or “Budgie Smugglers”

The Speedo has earned quite an unfavorable reputation amongst Brits, so much so that an average of 69% of men and women in England can’t stand the “budgie smuggler,” which we think is kind of a funny way to describe the snug, little brief. Speedos certainly have an image problem, but there is an entire treasure trove of spandex simply waiting to be discovered. Just in time for Father’s Day, buy dad a new pair of swim briefs so he know’s how to wear a speedo without embarrassing the entire family.


printed patch swim briefs - Blue



striped swim briefs - Red



Swim Briefs - Navy

245$ $171.5

Tight, leather trousers

A sweat ‘stache might start to form at the very thought of wearing leather on your legs, especially with the weather finally heating up, but leather (or pleather) pants are an evergreen style staple that can work anytime of the year. Singers, actors, and style influencers throughout the ages have donned leather pants, too, including the likes of Jared Leto, Matthew McConaughey, and Lenny Kravitz. Fits and fabrics abound in this category, meaning you don’t actually have to wear full-on leather cow-hide pants in order to look like a rock legend.


Leather Moto Pants



Leather-Back Straight Jeans



MX1 Leather-Inset Cotton Sweatpants


Ugg-ly Ugg Boots

Apparently shearling isn’t the look du jour for some of Britain’s choosiest fashion folks. Not surprisingly, almost half of Brits surveyed absolutely cannot stand Ugg boots. On the other hand, 51% of respondents love the brand’s comfy boots and slippers. And they aren’t alone. Fashion brands like Y/Project showed a $1,380 thigh-high Ugg boot collab on its runway for Fall 2018. In New York, rising fashion designer Heron Preston also worked with Ugg on a special line, and Jeremy Scott turned out a co-branded capsule of flame-covered booties as well.


Ugg Mini Zip Waterproof Boot, Size 11 M - Brown



Ugg Halfstein Plain Toe Boot, Size 11 M - Grey



Ugg Brecken Fringe High-Top Sneaker, Size 10.5 M - Beige

169.95$ $149.95

Flared trousers

Flares are another style that cycle in and out of fashion every few years, but they can be worn more as a staple than a trend. Combat skinny jean fatigue with a pair of pants that actually let your ankles breathe for once. The flared trouser might bring up memories of bad 70s and 80s style, but even a slight bootcut can add a bit of action to your bottom half.


Zathan Bootcut Jeans

178$ $49.84


Slouchy Textured Flare-Leg Pants

1,200$ $720


Black Split Hem Flare Jeans

550$ $286

Casual Crocs

Crocs! They’re squishy, comfortable, and kind of ugly, depending on who you ask. It’s no wonder that these rubber clogs have made their way to third place as one of the most unpopular trends of recent times. Normal crocs retail for closer to $40, while some brands are selling $900 bastardized versions. This difference in price and similarity in quality make it hard to actually take the rubber soles seriously as a fashion trend, but don’t let the haters stop you from rocking your fashion Crocs. Acclaimed British fashion designer Christopher Kane has been a longtime fan of Crocs, so if you like the rubber shoe, then you’re in good company.


Swiftwater Deck Clog (Men)

44.99$ $26.97


Citilane Roka Sneaker (Men)

49.99$ $29.97


Citilane Roka Court Sneaker (Men)

49.99$ $29.97

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