Call Your Grandma: Brooches Are Back

If your trips to vintage shops usually include a bee-line to the rack of Levi’s and a bypass of the glass jewelry display, you may be doing it wrong. Chances are the case is brimming with dusty bric-a-brac that’s prime for the picking. One of the most abundant—and currently on-trend—pieces? The brooch. Owned by many a grandma, the accessory of the past is currently the jewelry item of the moment. 


Unlike a pair of statement earrings or everyday watch, brooches require a minimal amount of thought in outfit pairing but can transform any simple blouse or neutral jacket into something a little more intriguing. Don’t underestimate the power in numbers either: Stick on a single brooch for an understated and elegant look, or channel your inner middle-schooler and assemble a collection. (Remember the days of backpacks strewn with clusters of enamel and logo pins?)

Call Your Grandma: Brooches Are Back

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Take a cue from Oscar de la Renta’s Fall 2019 show, where a triplet of gold medallions enlivened a collarless red quilted coat and a gilded coral sunburst on a navy cardigan was sure to catch the eye. Similarly, the always-eclectic Anna Sui placed a sparkling pin around the necks of a few models, adding a bit of shimmer in a spot you otherwise wouldn’t have thought to look amidst the clothing’s electric hues. Venturing into busier territory, R13 designer Chris Leba accumulated a glittering collection of brooches from a handful of Austin thrift stores, compiling a medley of pieces that varied in shape, size, color, and material. Tacked onto the lapels of herringbone blazers and oversize coats, they felt unexpected and very much the opposite of stale. 


Whether you opt for a pin sitting pretty in solitude, or decide to go all out, needless to say it may be time to check out grandma’s jewelry collection again. Shop some of our favorites below and get stacking. 



Ursa Major Brooch



Opyum Rope Brooch






bow embellished brooch – Gold



ladybug brooch – Red



embellished pineapple brooch – Green



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