Hair Alert: This Season, It’s All About Staying Cool Toned

While the weather may seem otherwise, fall is officially upon us. And as the temperature starts to cool down, so do our choices in hair color. As sun-kissed blondes and honey browns reign supreme in the warmer months, we all know that going darker with our locks is crucial for the colder months ahead. That’s why I’m toning down the temperature on my hair this season with an icy cool toned brown hair color.


What Is A Cool Toned Brown Hair Color?


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For those of you hair color novices, differentiating between warm and cool tones can get tricky. Simply put, a cool toned brown hair is exactly how it sounds: the undertones lean on the cooler side of the color spectrum. That means that it contains less reds and orange hues, creating a darker and at times ashier shade.


Who Should Try Cool Brown Hair?


We’re firm believers that everyone should try out this daring color palette. It’s the perfect shade for the cooler months, and fits in perfectly with the fall aesthetic.


With that being said, L’Oreal Paris says that if you have cool-toned skin, you can effortlessly rock a cool toned brunette head of hair. Unsure of your skin’s undertones? The brand notes that if silver jewelry compliments your tone, or you notice bluish veins peeking through the inside of your wrists, you likely have cool skin. Which means you’re the perfect fit for a cool toned brown hair color!


But, don’t fret fellow warm and neutral tones, because there is a variety cool toned colors for you to give a try (which we’ll get to in a sec).


How To Create Cool Brown Hair


One thing that I love about these cool brunette tones is that they’re so versatile to infuse into your hairstyle. Whether you want a balayage look or a full head of dark cool tones, you can seamlessly create a fitting look for your style. Just choose one of the hundreds of tones that are available for you to try.


Although I’m always down with a good DIY project, I can never over-emphasize how important it is to take a seat in the salon chair to create the perfect look for you. One small mistake can lead to a completely different hue, and a bad dye job can even lead to damaged strands, so you should always leave a hefty hair-dye job to the pros.


Choosing a new hair color is a lot easier said than done. If you’re ready to dip your toes into the cool-toned end of the color spectrum, but don’t know where to start, I’ve got some good news for you. Some of the coolest of the cool toned brunette hair colors for the fall season are listed below, so your color inspo is just a short scroll away. Check out some of the top brunette hair color picks for this season to stay on point with your fall style.


In need of some color inspo? Then take a peek at our favorite cool toned brown hair colors — you’re gonna like what you see.



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A deep, dark brown is perfect for rejuvenating your style. Recreate a color that’s as rich and refreshing as your favorite morning drink by implementing these cool, dark tones into your locks. This color leans on the universal side, which means that most skin tones can effortlessly rock this color. Go monotone and have a full head of espresso-toned strands, or use this tone as the perfect base for an ombre or balayage style.


To preserve the color of your strands, use a gentle shampoo to prevent any color fading or wash-out. One of my favorite shampoos is this color-friendly one from Oribe.


Shampoo For Beautiful Color, 50ml – Colorless




Ashy Brown

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One of the biggest trends in hair color is undeniably the “ash toned” hair. While ash blonde has had it’s fair share in the limelight, I’m more of a fan of this ashy brown hue. It stays on the cooler side of the color wheel, but keeps things interesting with a deep brown base. With ashy tones, creating a balayage style like above is best for crafting an intoxicating waterfall of cool toned colors.


For the loose curl effect like above, simply grab a large-barreled curling iron to create the look. My go-to curling iron for creating these curls will always be this one from T3.


BodyWaver 1.75 Professional Styling Iron in White.




Mushroom Brown

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Recently, “mushrom brown” is the ethereal hair hue of the moment, and I’m totally here for it. This muted light brown tone is a totally unique play on the classic ashy brown, taking it up a much lighter notch. The mushroom brown trend is perfect for any blondes looking to test out a dark tone for the autumn season.


One problem we all face with dyed hair is luster — or more specifically, the lack of it. When my hair is lacking in sheen, I whip out this fortifying shine serum from SACHAJUAN. It gives my locks a faux-natural radiance for a “fresh out of the salon chair” finish.



Shine Serum in Beauty: NA.




Chocolate Lavender

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If you’re into the sweeter looks, then this style will satisfy any of your coloring cravings. The lavender tint gives this chocolate tone a chilly upgrade, making it perfect for the fall season. The light purple hue will light up even the darkest of your autumnal outfits, and we expect this cool toned color to be one of the biggest trends of the year.


To create a voluminous look that’s as loud as your hair color, use a texturizing spray when styling. A few spritzes of this one from VERB is the perfect finishing touch for any “messy” hairstyle. Use this spray as a final step to create an “I woke up like this” hairstyle.



Sea Texture Spray




Teddy Brown

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Create a subtle nod to your favorite childhood toy with this teddy brown hair color. The soft medium brown color is given a chic edge through the cooler tones, creating a polished upgrade to a classic brunette hue. One of the upsides to this color is that it’s a natural tone, making it a great pick for those of you who prefer a subtle hair color.


To create this blow-out look, simply grab your blow dryer and a rounded brush to give your ends that curled finish. Quick tip: to give your hair added body, always use a volumizing mousse before styling. This one from Pureology is great for its lightweight formula that amps up the volume on your tresses.


Clean Volume Weightless Mousse




True Black


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For an intense, high impact style, go for a cool-toned black. A cooler toned raven or true black color like above can ultimately change your whole look in an instant. But, fairer tones proceed with caution, as this color can wash you out with heavy contrast.


For a pin-straight, glossy look like above, here’s a quick tip: instead of piling on heat protectants, serums, and oils into your locks, spritz the IGK Good Behavior hairspray onto your damp hair, and then get to styling. The results: ultra-straight hair that people will swear is keratin treated.


Maximizer Root Boosting Spray (250Ml)






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Want to live life with a swirl of colors in your hair? Then go for the ombré effect. Mixing dark and light cool tones creates a whole kaleidoscope of vibrant brown colors. Whether you have hip-length hair or a short and choppy bob, this color gradient cane asily be fused into your strands.


For the wavy look like above, spritz some wave spray into your hair. It will help create that flowy look while taming unruliness, making it the best product for wavy days. This wave spray from Ouai is the best for its lightweight feel that creates soft, bouncy beach waves.


Wave Spray – 5 oz






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If you don’t want to part with your lighter hair tones, then the bronde look is your best pick. Not exactly brunette, but not fully blonde, this look teeters on the fine line between the two totally opposite tones. It’s a great way for lighter tones to introduce brunette styles into their hair.


To keep your new hair color looking as fresh as possible, use this revitalizing serum from Oribe. It conditions hair with it’s nourishing formula while preserving color, for a straight out of the salon chair look (even weeks after your color session!).



Power Drops Color Preservation Booster



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