A Day at the Beach with Bryan Jimenez

At just 23, Bryan Jimenez is one of NYC’s most promising talents. Hesitant to be dubbed ‘streetwear,’ his utilitarian separates are a marriage of form and function, expertly tailored yet precious to the pavement from which they were born.


Where stiff, structured, shy and curious are all sewn by the same hand, his designs trace an arc of masculinity that is part of every coming of age.


So who better to wear his designs than the newest forces to be reckoned with? Meet Will, Geo, Johnathan and Kevin – four new faces making waves in the industry and beyond. We packed the boys, the clothes, the van and headed down to Beach 93 with Bryan.


Bryan Jimenez 6



Bryan Jimenez 1



Bryan Jimenez 4



Bryan Jimenez



Bryan Jimenez 5On All Full looks, Bryan Jimenez. Jewelry, Martine Ali and Chris Habana. Shoes, Belstaff and R13



Style Devin Hershey Hair Beth Shanefelter Makeup Toru Sakanishi

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