Designers on Instagram are bringing back maximalism in a big way

For those of you tired of all-white-and-wood surfaces, a room with just an Eames chair, or Ikea living, have we good news for you. Maximalism, according to New York Times writer Bonnie Wertheim, is back.

She highlights in her article “The Maximalists Are Coming” two designers who are done with minimalism, and the limits that clean lines and palatable lifestyle Instagram images can enforce. Big names are listening, considering one of the designers, Ksenia Shestakovskaia, recently collaborated with Gucci.

Shestakovskaia, a former textile designer living in Berlin, is the person behind Decor Hardcore, an Instagram account that is like pure candy if you’re into surreal meets grandma kitsch. She had come to see that “simplicity and marketability had overtaken creativity” in her former life as a designer. Her account now counts Amy Sedaris and Lena Dunham as fans, and she was invited to promote a line of Gucci watches earlier this year.

Ugly Design is another Instagram dedicated to the appreciation of truly ugly (and truly wonderful) design. Examples of this include a toilet shaped like a giant high-heeled shoe, a shoe that looks like Crocs had a baby with Uggs, and jeans patched with raw-meat-printed fabric.

People are catching on. Shestakovskaia has created a media agency for Decor Hardcore and is releasing a coffee-table book this year. She also told Wertheim that “some big names want me to design their homes,” though she couldn’t name names just yet. If you want to go even further down the rabbit hole, other Instagrams celebrating bad taste and kitschy nostalgia include @ebaybae and @divaofgeneva.

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