There Will Be a Gay-Friendly ‘Call Me By Your Name’ Tour of Italy

If you were completely taken by the story of Oliver and Elio in Call Me By Your Name, you might soon be able to have a hot, lusty Italian summer of your own. Cue up the Sufjan Stevens, baby.

Quiiky Tours is the first Italian tour company to specialize in LGBTQ-themed tours, and the company is offering a nine-day package that will take you on a tour of the locations shown in the film. The trip will take you to picturesque cities and towns such as Milan, Crema, Lake Garda, Verona, Venice, and Bergamo for a cool $2,300 (accommodations, meals, and travel included).

Film destinations include a tour of the ancient Caves of Catullus on Lake Garda, where Elio, Oliver and Elio’s dad spent a weekend, and trips will be made to other filming locations like the Ricengo Lake, Pandino, and Capralba. While in Milan, travelers will stay in Porta Venezia, Milan’s gay district, and will learn about the private life of Leonardo Da Vinci from a gay-friendly guide.

In Crema and Lodi, there will be a bicycle tour of the scenery and a cooking course where you’ll learn how to prepare tortelli cremaschi, a local pasta dish with cookies and dried fruit. If you don’t want to visit the aforementioned Catullus Caves, you can choose to attend the Arena Opera Festival or Teatro Filarmonico in Verona. For the tour’s final act, you’ll end up in Bergamo, where the film’s characters danced to the Psychedelic Furs song “Love My Way.”

Considering the fandom that Call Me By Your Name has attracted, this tour is likely to be a hot commodity. Last week, a peach-scented (perfect, right?) soundtrack vinyl was announced. Taking the peach theme a step further, the album will be peach-colored and released August 3, peak harvest time for peaches.

Learn more about the tour here.

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