Annnnnd we have our first monstrously catchy song — and video to match — of 2018. A remix of Bruno Mars’ “Finesse” feat. Cardi B. (who else but America’s current favorite hitmaker?), the video is a tribute to the ultra-90s sketch comedy series In Living Color, which means there are a lot of backward caps, colorful paint splashed on window glass and a Late Night show-style stage.

It’s a whole lot of fun, and it’s pretty much already iconic. David Alan Grier, one of the main stars of In Living Color, said the remake passed with flying colors. He told FADER: “They did the set up we had to the T. I got a little flashbacks/PTSD watching that. They had the DJ booth set up like the top exactly how we set it up.”

J.Lo also gave the tribute some love, with a nostalgic #tbt to her time as a fly girl:

Cardi B just might be the newest fly girl herself. Bruno Mars tweeted that the video was “dedicated to one of [his] favorite TV shows of all time.” Considering that In Living Color helped pave the way for minority performers in Hollywood, seeing the “Finesse” video brings everything full circle in an extremely catchy way.

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