The Cardi B Nail Hack That Costs Only $10

If there’s one thing more popular than Cardi B, it’s her nails. She single-handedly (pun-intended) revived the bedazzled nail trend with manicures that I could only imagine cost more than my rent (example: her Swarovski-coated nails for her 30-second Pepsi commercial). But, could it be that Bardi is ditching the blinged-out approach for a budget-friendly alternative?


Bustle reports that Jenny Bui (a.k.a, the mastermind behind Cardi’s manicures) took a different route for the rapper’s latest music video, “CLOUT. The celeb nail artist used checkered nail stickers to create the look, topping them off with fiery flames.



So, it’s official: checkered-print nails are back in—and they’re not that pricey to create. Instead of shelling out your much-needed cash on your next mani, try the Cardi-approved Va Va Vroom nail wraps from NCLA for only $10. Making money moves on a budget? We’ll sign up for that.


NCLA Beauty

Va Va Vroom



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