Cardi B And City Girls Just Dropped A Booty-Shaking Ode To Female Empowerment

Sometimes you watch a music video, and it feels like you’re back in middle school watching an MTV music video that you know will be cemented in your mind years later. This is the effect that “Twerk,” City Girls’ new video with Cardi B, had, from watching a zebra (Yung Miami) and leopard (Cardi) do a booty bump/twerk thing, to Cardi’s head-to-toe red bandanna outfit will be the Red Latex Jumpsuit of our time.


The video, directed by Daps and Sara Lacombe, begins with a challenge. “On November 9th, The City Girls sent out a challenge to the world. The goal…To find the world’s greatest Twerker.” On their quest, we got neon bikinis, yachts, animal-print body paint, and a whole lot of butt. In the SNL Stefan style, this video has everything: Beats product placement, twerking with back-flip level intensity in the sand, a tiger nose on Cardi’s butt, a cigarette lit upside down, and, at the end, cold hard cash.


The most brilliant thing about the video, however, is that it features absolutely no men. The beautiful hypnotism of watching asses of all shapes and sizes bounce is also accompanied by women cheering each other on. Something that could potentially be used as an accessory for the male gaze is instead primarily for the fun and satisfaction of the women competing.


The outfits bang, from rhinestone bikinis to neon-green fishnets, and the song slaps. And the winner is, who else, but dancehall queen Headtop Aneika, the woman straight up twerking with a cigarette. Hailing from Jamaica, she took home the $25,000 prize. Watch the video below to feel like some distant day in the future when it’s not 20 degrees out, you, too, could be on a yacht in Miami.

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