PSA: Cardi B’s Wig Is Missing, And She Wants It Back

When it comes to beauty, there are two staples Cardi B swears by: long, bedazzled nails that most likely incapacitate her fingers, and her beloved wigs. While the latter usually consists of Cruella de Vil-chic or sea green ombre renditions, there’s always one that pops into rotation time and time again: a straight, hip-grazing black wig (cc: her latest Fashion Nova campaign, this year’s Billboard Awards). But, her precious wig is missing—and she wants it back.


During her performance at the Wireless Festival in London, Cardi took her performance to new, uncharted levels and decided to (regrettably) snatch her own wig off her head and toss it into an abyss of screaming fans, which Snoop Dogg dubbed “the greatest move in hip-hop.” Now, the rapper is sending out a call to action for whoever was the lucky person who got their hands on it: Give it back.


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Were you the blessed patron who got their hands on her adored lace-front? Instead of treasuring it for life in your Bardi shrine (or getting a few bucks for it on eBay), Cardi B has cordially invited you to slide in her DMs and let her know—but hurry, she’s worried.

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