Cardi B Gave Out Free Winter Coats in NYC

Cardi B just made the winter cold snap a lot more bearable for hundreds of New Yorkers. The “I Like It” rapper met with residents and fans on Thursday evening in Brooklyn.


Her visit came when temperatures dropped into the low 40s, one of the coldest nights in the city so far. ABC-7 New York reporter John Einiger captured the hundreds of children and parents lined up waiting for Cardi B. “It’s a great thing for the community,” one father said. “The kids love her, everybody loves her. And we just want to see her.”


The event took place at the Marlboro Houses’ community center and a Boost Mobile store across the street. The coats were donated with the help of Daniel’s Leather, NY Tent Sale, and Trax NYC.


We’ve gotta set an example for the kids and the future,” Cardi B said. “You know, sometimes people think that we just be doing the messed up things, but we really, really, really care for our kids, our community and everything.”


“I want these kids to learn from me that you got to give back to the hood,” she told reporters. “These kids follow me, these kids listen to my music.”


The Marlboro community also gave her a sweet birthday surprise – a cake and a belated “Happy Birthday” for the rapper’s birthday on Oct. 11. She was also given a symbolic key to the Marlboro Houses.


“I did not know this was going to be so big,” Cardi told the crowd, according to PIX-11’s. “I know you see all of us always in the club [and] in music videos. But we really do care about the kids and we really do want to show people we are positive. People in the media try to make us look like we wild animals or stuff, but we not really about that. We really want to make a change. And how do we start change? With the kids.”


Photo by: Getty Images

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