In case you missed it, Cardi B and Nicki Minaj were involved in a New York Fashion Week brawl last Friday at the Harper’s Bazaar “Icons” party. Nicki left unscathed, thanks to her security detail. Cardi, however, exited the Bazaar bash with a giant welt above her eyebrow and a torn dress. And now, according to TMZ, a source close to Cardi says she feels no remorse over her altercation with Nicki. In fact, and TMZ‘s sources are adamant, Cardi was defending her daughter Kulture’s honor and would throw her stiletto at Minaj again if she had to.

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The feud between the two New York rappers began months prior. Both of them have allegedly been taking shots at each other in their music, but things came to a head when Cardi thought that Minaj was calling her a bad parent. Cardi posted an Instagram message where she indirectly addressed Minaj.

Mean time, Minaj was fairly mum about the whole incident, aside for liking a few tweets from her fans that decried the idea that the “Fefe” rapper would ever speak ill of someone’s child. Yesterday though, Minaj finally spoke out on her Apple Beats1 radio show “Queen,” saying, “I would never talk about someone’s child or parenting.”

According to the “sources,” Cardi thinks that Minaj is full of it. With that said, Cardi is apparently not seeking out Minaj for a rematch, but will defend her daughter’s honor if necessary. Nicki, on the other hand, is too busy promoting her new Muppet-esque music video for her diss track “Barbie Dreams” to start scrapping.

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