You may remember the Cat Person essay, the story that captured the modern, Tinder-flavored sensation of uncomfortable dates that made the rounds just a few short weeks ago. Kristen Roupenian, the author of Cat Person, is now sitting on a potentially 7-figure book deal.

Simon & Schuster imprint Scout Press told The Associated Press on Tuesday that Roupenian’s debut story collection You Know You Want This will be published in Spring 2019. While official numbers weren’t released, we do know that two publishing officials said that bidding topped $1 million. Apparently, it’s also a two-book deal.

Before her viral Cat Person story, Roupenian was relatively unknown. She received an M.F.A. from the University of Michigan and, according to her Twitter, is currently a PhD candidate at Harvard. “The story was inspired by a small but nasty encounter I had with a person I met online. I was shocked by the way this person treated me, and then immediately surprised by my own shock,” Roupenian told the New Yorker.

Cat Person fueled at least five to six dinner party and bar conversations I’ve had the last few weeks — can you imagine what a whole BOOK would do?

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