Gucci’s relationship with futuristic-meets-medieval artist Ignasi Monreal continues to be strong, and now the two are coming together for a very limited-edition collection.

Called #GucciHallucination, the capsule will launch exclusively on today, April 11, and we already want everything. Featuring Monreal’s signature fantastical creations, the collection includes nine sweatshirts and nine T-shirts, all with artwork from the spring 2018 campaign.

And when we said super limited-edition, we meant super — there will be just 200 of each T-shirt design and 100 of each sweatshirt illustration. Each piece will come with a numbered label and will be delivered to customers in special packaging also featuring Monreal’s work.

Monreal also created the artwork for the new spring 2018 collection and played the part of curator of a fictitious gallery in Gucci’s tongue-in-cheek video. The artist also just debuted a mural that now covers a wall off East London’s Brick Lane, dubbed the Gucci Wall. The mural portrays a woman sitting comfortably, clad in sumptuous fabrics and wearing thick Gucci logo chains. Inspired by the painting “Portrait of Señora de Garay” and “Rapunzel,” the mural is the first of its kind in Great Britain.

Monreal started his relationship with Gucci’s creative director Alessandro Michele on the label’s #GucciGram project in 2015. The artist turned Gucci models into weather girls and TV psychics in short, flickering clips. He went on to create the fortune teller and weather forecaster designs for the Gucci cruise 2018 collection.

In an interview with W, Monreal explained the inspiration behind his digital-meets-renaissance style and how he creates his paintings using Photoshop and a stylus.

“It’s a medium mostly used for video games and movie—let’s say on the geek side of the world, which I love and I come from,” he said. “I also come from fashion, but at the same time, I’ve always liked Dungeons & Dragons and video games. I think also that’s one of the most beautiful things about this project: Combining those two worlds, which was my dream—to infiltrate the fashion world with proper geekiness. Like, actual geeks.”

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