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Why CBD Beauty Is Your New Best Friend

As someone who hasn’t been particularly affected by the country’s shifting stances on marijuana control, with more and more states giving recreational growing, eating, and smoking the legal go-ahead, I find it kind of ironic that I’m into CBD beauty.  Skincare and beauty trends are a funny thing. ...

Glossier Will Open Its Second-Ever Location in Los Angeles

If you’ve ever been to Glossier’s only brick-and-mortar location off Lafayette in NYC, you know that it’s a capital-E Experience with lush pinks and reds, clean, open spaces, and a penthouse locale that makes you feel just a little exclusive each time you visit. It’s basically an exact IRL version o ...

M.A.C’s Aaliyah Collection Now Has a Release Date

M.A.C has done some pretty seminal collections in their time, but the upcoming Aaliyah tribute collection might be the most hotly anticipated yet. Given an official release date today, the collection will drop online June 20 and be on store shelves June 21. The collection was announced back in A

Milk Makeup, Your Cult-Fave Beauty Line, Has Gone 100 Percent Vegan

One of your favorite makeup lines is now 100 percent vegan. Milk Makeup announced last night they will no longer use animal products or byproducts in its makeup and will be completely vegan. The FDA hasn’t yet established a regulation for what it means to be vegan, but it generally means that a prod ...

Rihanna Announced a New Fenty Beauty Product Via Instagram

Get ready to shine a little harder. Fenty Beauty is dropping a new full-body illuminizer just in time for summer 2018 — and just in time for you to channel that early-2000s glow. On Instagram last night, Rihanna teased the two new products, both body oils called Body Lava. Then, this morning she ann ...

Fenty Beauty’s New Commercial Is Gender-Bending and Entertaining

Fenty Beauty’s new commercial is extremely cool, but would you expect anything less? Starring Instagram influencer and comedian @BlameItOnKway, the commercial is proof that Fenty Beauty — and makeup in general — is for anyone, regardless of gender. In the very funny (and very beautiful!) commerc ...

Get These 6 Sephora Products For One Month Only

As The Cut so aptly noted, March Madness has just taken on a whole new meaning. Sephora is releasing six new products — and only for 30 days. Before you sprint to the nearest Sephora, here’s the 411 on what's available. All six products are from top-selling brands: Violet Voss, Benefit, Pat McGra ...

Watch Out, Kylie: Serena Williams Is Launching a Cosmetics Line

This might be the story of another celebrity about to crush the beauty industry. Serena Williams has already been one of the greatest athletes of our time, and next, it’s looking like she’s about to dominate the beauty world. TMZ reported that Williams filed the trademark for the name “Aneres” ( ...

Doctors Say That Menstrual Cramps Are as Painful as Heart Attacks

All we have to say is finally. As someone who, since the insertion of my IUD gets cripplingly, nauseating menstrual cramps, this recent news surprises me not one bit. Doctors have ruled that menstrual cramps are as painful as a heart attack. Dysmenorrhea is the official term for painful menstrua