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This Breakup App Will Help You Get Over Your Ex

Breakups are rough, and there's not a lot beside time and drinking (or, IDK, something healthier like yoga or meditating) that can make them better. One of the major things that does help is talking about it. But after you've exhausted your friend resources and you know you can't handle checking Ins ...

The Hot (and Unlikely) New Collaboration? WeWork and J.Crew

Here’s a collaboration you probably weren’t expecting: J.Crew and WeWork are partnering together for a new collection — featuring WeWork employees as models — as well as a series of panels targeted to entrepreneurs. It kind of makes sense considering no one does business casual like J.Crew, but who ...

150 New Emojis Are Coming to Your Smartphone This Summer

Over 100 new emojis are about to hit your smartphone this summer. Thanks to the folks at the Unicode Consortium, 150 new emojis will be available, and attention redheads: you're finally having your moment.  Redheads will now be an emoji option, in addition to new vegetables, a hot and cold face for ...

Chloe Kim Is The Teen Olympian We Need

If you need any further indication that Chloe Kim is our new hero, she was able to tweet about breakfast sandwiches, then go on to win a gold medal in snowboarding for Team USA. This Olympics has, in a lot of ways, been the Year of the Teen, with Kim, just 17 years old, winning gold and fellow snowb

Gym Kardashian Is The Meme You Didn’t Know You Needed

You know how the perfect meme comes along sometimes, and it’s so on-the-nose and inexplicably perfect and bizarre? That is Gym Kardashian — the meme of a beefy, muscled Kim Kardashian currently making the internet rounds. Expertly timed to coincide with Valentine’s Day, Gym Kardashian is a remin ...

It’s Time to Fall in Love With Romance Novels on Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day, sweethearts! There are, in my humble opinion, two ways to approach Valentine’s Day — you can either hate it and view it as a commercial scam (whether you’re single or not) OR you can embrace the commercialism, the romance, the saccharine and have some dang fun! And what better ...

A ‘Black Mirror’ Button Tells You When Your Relationship Will End

In case you were looking to have a...rather dark Valentine's Day (or you're looking to deeply fuck with a coworker or friend), the folks from Black Mirror have created a button to tell you when your relationship will end. Referring to themselves as Coach Dating,  Black Mirror created a button ins ...

Tumblr’s ‘Safe Mode’ Default Is Hurting Adult Content Creators

Tumblr has been making itself increasingly less friendly to the adult content creators. First, in June 2017, the platform introduced Safe Mode, a feature that displays a filter on images that are considered “sensitive” by Tumblr, which mostly means nudity, whether it’s for artistic or educational pu ...

The First American Woman Landed a Triple Axel at The Olympics

It seems hardly coincidental that in the same year as Tonya Harding’s biopic I, Tonya, Mirai Nagasu became the first American woman to land a triple axel at the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang. Nagasu, 24, pulled off the triple axel just 21 seconds into her routine, landing and pumping both fists ...

There’s a Futuristic Fashion Zine Inspired By ‘Black Panther’

It just so happens that Fashion Week coincides with the release of one of 2018’s most anticipated movies: Black Panther. And what better, lusher realm to dive into for style inspiration than Wakanda, the futuristic savanna grasslands the film is set in. British stylist Matthew Josephs imagined i ...
Marc Jacobs - Runway - September 2016 New York Fashion Week

The Black Fashion Founders Forum Talks Leadership and Power

Last night, the CFDA and Google put together a panel titled “Black Fashion Founders Forum” to discuss black representation in fashion. The consensus was: there need to be more leaders, not just representation. Discussions were led by Rikki Byrd, professor at the Sam Fox School of Design in Visua ...