Cazzie David Is Apparently Doing Just Fine, Sources Say

TMZ has reported that Cazzie David is doing just fine, thank you very much. After the whirlwind Pete Davidson-and-Ariana Grande romance that sent the internet into a frenzy, apparently Cazzie is riding the waves of this all relatively unruffled — at least as unruffled as one can be after your ex gets engaged to another person just weeks after your break-up.

Multiple sources told TMZ that Cazzie “isn’t dwelling on the drama surrounding Pete and Ariana’s instant engagement” and that she’s already moving on post-breakup. That trip to Africa that Cazzie Instagrammed shortly after her split from Pete in early May was apparently booked with friends long before that news. In other words, it wasn’t a last-minute planned distraction – though being a few continents away from your ex certainly can’t hurt.

It was on June 1 that she dropped the Instagram of a beautiful photo of her in Africa, captioned, “what’d I miss ??” The internet read into it as being a clever dig towards Pete but TMZ’s sources say that isn’t the case. Apparently, she was already aware of Ariana and the post was a “genuine shout-out to friends…letting them know she was back from a safari, where she’d had no internet.”

Especially with all the conspiracy surrounding when Pete and Ariana actually started dating, who knows, maybe Cazzie had more time to prep for this than we think. In the meantime, she has some creative projects up her sleeve, like the news in March that she’ll be starring in and co-writing a series for Amazon called Half-Empty.

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