These Celebrities Have Restored Our Faith In The Flower Crown

One of the most tragic trend deaths of all time occurred in 2013. We were coming down from our two-year Americana nostalgia high introduced by Lana del Rey, during which Woodstock-esque flower power, Converse, and vintage leather jackets were at an all-time peak. But all good things must come to an end, and by the time the annual fashion calamity that is Coachella came and went, the devastating demise of just one victim was revealed: the flower crown. 


And just like that, many a flower crown-adorned brides (likely considering themselves the height of fashion upon making that particular sartorial selection), were forced to accept their mistake. Fast-fashion had arrived once again to ruin a very good thing, with Del Rey’s “Born To Die” video and Vanessa Hudgens next festival season style counting as collateral damage. Goodbye my lover, goodbye my friend, you truly were, well, born to die. 

Except almost everything comes full circle. And almost overnight we have found ourselves in the grips of a flower crown renaissance; between the release of floral-heavy smash-hit thriller Midsommar and the season finale of Big Little Lies, the flower crown has found room to resurrect. Let the below women serve as proof that if you’re going to do it, you can do it right—all is not lost. 


1. Beyoncé x Vogue

Celebrities That Restored Our Faith In The Flower Crown

We might’ve seen this coming, the September issue of Vogue is famous for its boundary-pushing late summer looks, and Beyoncé was not going to make anything less than a statement. Enter: the obscenely impressive flower hat that could put a bouquet to shame. 


2. Big Little Lies

Celebrities That Restored Our Faith In The Flower Crown 1

The Big Little Lies season finale may have elicited mixed reactions, but there’s one takeaway we can all appreciate: Madeline’s renewed-vow ceremony garland. 


3. Midsommar

Celebrities That Restored Our Faith In The Flower Crown 4

Go big or go home, am I right ladies?


Maya Hawke

Celebrities That Restored Our Faith In The Flower Crown 3

The spawn of Very Beautiful People, Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke, Maya Hawke was born into icon status—if there’s anyone who can subtly restore the flower crown to its former glory, it’s her.


Emma Roberts

Celebrities That Restored Our Faith In The Flower Crown 2

To crown or not to crown is the question that Emma Roberts answers perfectly: the seemingly haphazard scattering of buds across her head is the kind of floral accessory inspiration dreams are made of. Thank you, Emma, for doing the Lord’s—or Lana Del Rey’s—work. 

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