Now This is How You Wear A Balloon

There’s only one fashion program from which we expect the impossible: Central Saint Martins. The London university has a history of churning out young creatives capable of extraordinary designs, and this year’s annual showcase was no different.


That’s right. We’re talking gravity-defying, jaw-dropping maneuvers that leave industry titans shaking in their boots, and the latest BA Fashion Show truly outdid itself. Student and L’Oréal Young Talent Award recipient Frederik Tjærandsen took the mandate to shock and awe to the next level. How? Well, by dressing his models in balloons. 


But that’s not all. One Vogue editor was quick enough to record the transformation of balloon-to-skirt. You have to see it to believe it, but the model catches and dresses herself in a floating balloon, shimmying it down her body before nonchalantly continuing on in a metallic two-piece. Witness the magic.


An entirely new take on the bubble hem’s triumphant 2019 return. It seems even the sky isn’t the limit for Tjærandsen. 

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