Few people in fashion rival the energy and vitality and fun of Charles Jeffrey’s Loverboy, and his fall/winter 2018 show was pure performance art. The show told the story of the designer’s tough upbringing and the pain — but also the beautiful moments — were portrayed exquisitely through the show and its fashion.

The self-proclaimed club kid has established himself as a king of cult London nightlife with Loverboy club night at Vogue Fabrics Dalston, but this latest show demonstrates Jeffrey’s depth. Or as the Guardian put it, “…perhaps the reason he won the emerging talent prize at December’s Fashion Awards…is that the clothes shown here weren’t just a backdrop to theatrics.”

Backstage at his show, Jeffrey said the collection was based on being bullied as a child growing up in Glasgow and Alan Downs’ 2005 book The Velvet Rage. “I think there has been a lot of changes in my life for the good and the best way I can describe this is growing pains,” he told the Guardian. “This show was about exploring that feeling that I used to have as a kid, ‘one day I’ll show them.’”

The show kicked off with heart-wrenching, primal howls — club kids dressed in paint-streaked clothes with peeling makeup were stomping their feet and crying — until a drumbeat started up and the lights went on. The clothes themselves were defined by paint-splattered prints and lots of knitwear, with dashes of tartan and draped, shredded suits. Few people have captured the pain that lives on the dance floor better than Loverboy.  See the full collection on Vogue.com here.


charles jeffrey loverboy

Photo via Vogue

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