Stunning Under $250 Earrings Perfect For Mother’s Day

Mother’s day is May 13th, which means you only have about two more weeks to find something impossibly special, something she’ll love, and something she doesn’t already have. Personally when buying for my own mother, I like to splurge a bit and get her something nicer than I would get for others in my life, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend thousands of dollars.

These hoop-style earrings from Oscar de la Renta are $230 but trust me when I tell you she’ll adore you for getting something so opulent, high-end, and effortless to wear. They’re crafted at the Oscar de la Renta atelier in New York, made from a custom golden metal and adorned with a pearlescent pendant at the bottom. She can wear them to work, or save them for special occasions but either way you’ll get plenty of points on Mother’s Day.


Embellished earrings


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