Cher’s Perfume Motto Is My Dating Mantra

The time has come. Cher, our lord and savior who recently celebrated her 73rd birthday (I know), is bringing to our lives something very special: a new perfume. But that’s not all.


Taking to Twitter, the icon revealed she has been working on a “gender inclusive” scent for four years—quite an undertaking—and it seems she’s finally given herself the green light to announce ‘Eau de Couture’s existence. Why now? Well, because if she “loved to wear it,” she would share it with the world.


Replace “wear” with “see” and frankly—when it comes to dating—same.


And, as you can see, Cher recommits to her choice daily. In conversation with WWD, Cher describes the smell she’s created as “very touchy-feely” (coincidentally, also my ideal man), claiming, “It makes you want to hold onto yourself.” It’s also her first perfume since 1987, so naturally she’s excited (just like a new relationship after a long period of singledom…sorry, I’ll stop).


Cher also abhors those who don’t wear perfume, because she herself is a professed fanatic. “I know there are people, who don’t want to have anything on them and I cannot even go to that place,” she said.


Me neither.

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