Chloë Sevigny was already a consummate cool girl when she became the face of ‘90s skater girl brand X-girl. She had already been featured in Harmony Korine’s Kids and been on the cover of Sassy Magazine, and then, in 1995, she became the model for X-girl, the style collaboration between Kim Gordon and stylist Daisy von Furth.

Now, X-girl is back with a revival collection called Back to the ‘90s with the actress as literally the face of the brand — not just modeling it, but on several of the pieces, too. The collaboration features dreamy LA-themed t-shirts with Sevigny sporting cropped blonde hair in front of a palm-filled backdrop.

Sevigny, along with Sofia Coppola, has always been a big fan of the label, walking in X-girl’s first fashion show and becoming the face of the brand in 1995 when she appeared in their short film. The brand started in 1993 and ran until 1998, and as Vogue writer Rebecca Johnson said about X-girl’s influence:

“It was the gateway fashion drug for ’90s girls like me who were anti-establishment, anti-mainstream, anti-consumer, strictly secondhand, skate-schooled, reared on DIY ethics, on punk, hip-hop, with a shot of indie rock,” she wrote. “We weren’t skaters ourselves, so much, but our guy friends and our boyfriends skated the streets, ramps, curbs, and abandoned malls of our town, and every other unguarded concrete stretch within range, and we were sure as hell well steeped in more than our fair share of brand-name and homemade and bootleg skate videos.”

In a very punk rock move, the first X-girl fashion show was held in the streets of Soho, during Marc Jacobs’ show to get the traffic from his audience. In 1998, the brand was sold to a Japanese company that has continued to create collections and inspired MadeMe’s 2016 collection.

The new collection launches today, and you can check out the rest of the pieces here.

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