Confirmed: The ‘Scarface’ Cut Is Your Next Summer Hairstyle

The overwhelming nostalgia for pre-social media decades is, ironically, reaching a fever pitch on social media. We revel in reality show stills from the early ’00s, archive photos of forgotten ’90s relationships, and clips from your favorite ’80s movies. And, naturally, from this revival, the reigning style inspiration has emerged in the form Michelle Pfeiffer in her breakthrough role as Elvira Hancock in the 1983 classic Scarface.


Pfeiffer was scarily thin in the film, allegedly living on (in her own words) a diet of “tomato soup and Marlboros,” to most accurately portray a cocaine addict. But that’s not the takeaway. Not even Elvira’s white suit or navy satin gown that is forever etched into the pop culture’s consciousness. No, no. It’s Pfeiffer’s haircut—a sleek, ash-blonde bob with bangs—that, almost 40 years on, still endures in its appeal.


Exhibit A: Chrissy Teigen’s latest look. Collaborating with celebrity hair stylist Laura Polko, the pair recreated the style without altering the honey-hue of Teigen’s tresses, lightly twisting in the ends to shape the model’s face. The result is something quite spectacular, especially when paired with the luxurious diamond accessories Elvira Hancock was also famous for.


Polko made sure to make note that Teigen wasn’t even heading to a theme party, a choice that’s indicative of the Scarface cut’s rise as more people chop their hair for the coming summer months. Get your full fix of the style, below, and make sure to screenshot for your local hair dresser.

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