Supreme’s latest Artist Series skate deck installment features the photographer’s work

Cindy Sherman, one of the most influential American photographers of our time, is a bit of an unexpected but very welcome choice to grace Supreme’s latest installment in their Artist Series of skate decks.

Sherman’s body of work is sort of the original selfie — though that would be too reductive of a term to describe the self-portraits which she directs and models herself. Her work takes on feminist themes, usually with the goal of defetishizing the female body — often making it extreme, abstracted, and delightfully grotesque.

And speaking of grotesque, Sherman’s collaboration with Supreme will feature her “Untitled #181” and “Untitled #175” stills from her Grotesque Series of photos. Those prints will be on the underside of the board, with an artist signature and the Supreme logo on top.

You can get your hands on a deck in-store in New York, Brooklyn, LA, London, and Paris or online on November 9. And while you’re at it, you can see the best of Sherman playing around with Facetune on her recently made public Instagram.

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