“The focus of Schiffer’s book is what might, to borrow from Aqua, be called her ‘Barbie world,’”

Is there anything more iconic than that ‘90s supermodel blowout? The sort of hairstyle that, as kids, seemed like what every truly grownup woman should look like — blown-out hair, lined lips. Claudia Schiffer in her ‘90s prime — on a Vogue cover with her chin perched on a chair back or on the runway in a pink terrycloth Chanel suit — was truly a supermodel from Barbie world.

Vogue spoke to Schiffer about her new book, the eponymously named Claudia Schiffer, released on the occasion of her 30th anniversary in fashion. They talked surrounded by items from her new makeup line and her recently launched Barbie (wearing a Versace dress, of course). Here are some stand-out quotes:

On her book: “It’s more than just the favorite pictures,” Schiffer explains. “Every picture has something with a wink.”

On walking the runway at Versace Spring 2018: “Donatella had little cubicles for all of us set up with our own makeup and hair teams, bathrobes made with our names on them—it was just really special. Everyone got quite emotional backstage and we got quite nervous as well, because we were reliving sort of a moment in time; we’d been there before, but it had been a long time ago.”

On her role in the ‘90s supermodel brat pack: “It was Ellen von Unwerth who said, ‘Well, you look like [Bardot].’ She’d tell Eva Herzigova, ‘You look like Marilyn Monroe,’ and Linda, ‘You are Sophia Loren.’ Everyone was someone in the role-play that she loved to do. It was always about a story and a person that you’d recognize. It made the pictures quite retro and special, and they stood out.”

On the creation of the supermodel: “Gianni Versace was one of the first ones, or amongst a very few—Valentino and Chanel and a few others—but he was the one who understood the best how to how to use the show more than just as a selling tool, but as press and promotion that became front-line news.”

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