Coach Stands By Selena Gomez Through Rehab

Selena Gomez has been fronting Coach ad campaigns and partnerships for several seasons, notably with a handbag and ready-to-wear line called Coach x Selena Gomez. She also appears in the brand’s ad campaigns and will be the face of the holiday ad campaign, Page Six reports. The holiday campaign is rolling out at a time when the “It Ain’t Me” singer has been staying in a rehabilitation facility for her Lupus condition.


Last year around this time, Gomez received a kidney transplant from a close friend. Since then, she has been hospitalized twice due to complications with her surgery. The stress has reportedly triggered Gomez’s Lupus, causing her to pump the breaks on her professional life. Coach had planned to shoot its upcoming Spring 2019 campaign with Gomez, but those plans have been put on hold while the singer recovers.


Coach Stands By Selena Gomez Through Rehab 1

Selena Gomez and Petra Collins sitting together at the Coach 1941 show in February


In the meantime, Coach says that Black Panther actor and demi-god Michael B. Jordan will front the brand’s fall ad campaign.

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