Here’s What COOLS Editors Are Doing (And Wearing!) This Memorial Day Weekend

The collectively agreed upon kick-off to summer is finally here and the COOLS editors are officially out of office (seriously don’t @ us). As a fun exercise in our propensity toward leisure and fashion, we decided to break down what we’re doing for the holiday and of course, what we’re wearing.


Below, check out the COOLS team’s Memorial Day activities and outfits because who knows, maybe it will spark some ideas for you too.


Olivier Van Themsche, Founder and CEO 

Doing: I’m going to Marrakech and staying at my best friend’s hotel: Beldi Country Club. 


Wearing: Heading there for the first communion of my goddaughter so I’ll be wearing some pretty formal stuff at the ceremony with colorful babouches! 




Traditional Babouche




Jess Teves, Editor-in-Chief and Co-CEO 

Doing: “I’ll be in Westchester (NY) with the family. On the agenda is lots of barbecuing, running around after a two-year-old, and hopefully a grass court hit (or two or three!). Memorial Day weekend is one of my favorite times of the year—it’s when the relaxed vibe of summer truly sinks in, so I try to relish in not planning too much and just being.”

Wearing: “That mood translates to my style, too, which I prefer unfussy. At the moment I’m favoring LoveShackFancy or Doen, both of which make incredibly breezy summer dresses, just made for lounging. I’m also never-ever without a hat and sunblock (my faves of the moment are Isdin and Lack of Color).”


Marina Dress






Lack of Color

Dolce Sun Hat




Erin Cunningham, Managing Editor

Doing: “I’ll be spending my weekend at the Jersey Shore, pretending it’s 85 degrees when in reality there’s actually a strong breeze and it’s kind of cold.”


Wearing:  “I’ll be wearing a bathing suit (the same black one-piece I always do), but also a sweater I bought from LoveShackFancy that I thought I needed for summer even though it’s made from alpaca? I’ll also be forcing myself to wear the jean shorts I just bought from Good American as a starting point for training myself to not hate shorts (hey, I’m not the only one.)”



Kelly One Piece




Rosie Sweater



Good American



Alyssa Hardy, Senior Fashion Editor 
Doing: “This weekend I’ll be staying in the New York City area spending time with friends and family. On Sunday I’ll be in Long Island with my husband’s family for a cookout and Monday I’m hoping to be at my friend’s family’s in the Rockaways. I’ll probably be hopping around Brooklyn in between.”


Wearing: “It’s going to be 90 degrees this weekend New York and I’m ready for it. I wear some sort of overall style look at least once a week so with the weather fully shifting this weekend I’m breaking out my denim overall dresses. I love this button up style from Boyish denim because they are sustainably made and super cute.  Also, because I’m a firm believer in wearing boots all summer long, I’ll probably pair it with my platform Doc Martens.


Kennedy Denim Dress

$ $138

Dr. Martens

Cherry Vegan Jadon II Boot



Alix Guiterrez, Associate Art Director 

Doing: “I will be headed to Montreal this weekend in an attempt to exercise escape via the most accessible way possible for a last minute trip out of the country. I will be on a bus for 10 hours which is unfortunate but, c’est la vie! for travel on Friday.”


Wearing: “I will be in some comfy loose fitting jeans, vintage t-shirt and a boot to spice it up. The remainder of my trip I plan on looking chic- but approachable, (much like the allure of Montreal). It’s going to be humid and cloudy, so I’m thinking mini dresses paired with some layering pieces, a crew neck or a welders jacket and a sneaker (swapped with a heel in the evening of course). I anticipate doing a lot of shopping while I’m there so I’m packing light.”


High Rise Loose – Washed Black with Rips



Harley Davidson

JD Patent T Shirt



Jen Hussein, Beauty Editor 

Doing: “This long weekend, I’m going into full-fledged hibernation — and that always includes a face mask, my favorite robe, and a glass of Merlot.”


Wearing: “Nothing keeps me more zen than slipping into my favorite satin robe, it makes me feel like an affluent Upper West Side housewife.”




$$ 170.00


Beatrice Hazelhurst, Deputy News Editor 

Doing: “I refuse to contend with the Rockaway crowds so will likely instead be drunk and wearing something sunny and/or slutty while wishing I was organized enough to be out of town (hopefully on a rooftop).”


Wearing: “A highly inappropriate cross-back red satin midi dress because it was $17 and doesn’t require a bra (because of patriotism).”

Fleur Du Mal

Fitted Midi Dress





Feature Image via Instagram / @designlovefest

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