An Ode To Courtney Love, An Anti-Fashion Hero

Fight me on this if you want, but Courtney Love was the total embodiment of everything we loved from the 90’s. The was the official queen of grunge, but her tattered babydoll dresses, likeness to skin-clad ensembles, and sheer slip gowns—fittingly tied together with smeared red pouts and half-finished cigarettes—made her a genre-blending artform of a “no f*cks given” attitude towards fashion.


As Hole’s breakthrough album, Live Through This, turns 25 today, we couldn’t help but reminisce on the times Love proved herself to be a showstopper—whether it be through couture gowns, or by literally stopping the show by hauling objects at other stars, was to her own accord.


So, sit back, lightly head-bang to yourself as you listen to “Violet” (it’s a bop, don’t @ me), and take a look back at the Hole frontwoman’s most impressive style moments.


An Ode To Courtney Love, The Mother Of Anti-Fashion

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This runaway Vegas bride look is everything we adore about Courtney: unhinged, slightly questionable, and side-by-side with a future frenemy. The anti-prom queen, featuring a tiny tiara and twinning moment with Amanda de Cadenet, was one of the most iconic moments that cemented her as our favorite disheveled beauty queen.



When two worlds collide, one chucks a makeup compact at the other. At the 1995 MTV VIdeo Music Awards, Courtney Love graced all of our then-boxy television sets in the most Courtney Love way possible: by hauling her compact at Madonna mid-interview, then proceeding to crash said interview. What was more impressive in that televised moment? Her  lace-and-leather set, tied together with Charles Jourdan pumps.


An Ode To Courtney Love, The Mother Of Anti-Fashion 1

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Courtney Love and babydoll dresses go together like peanut butter and jelly. The amount of times she’s worn these Peter Pan-collarded dresses with rugged Doc Martins is unfeasible, but we loved them each and every time.


An Ode To Courtney Love, The Mother Of Anti-Fashion 4

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A slip dress (usually with cigarette in hand) was the uniform of every supermodel of the 90’s, but could only be truly pulled off by Courtney. Sorry Kate Moss, but no one can wear a lace nightie around the streets of Los Angeles like Love.


An Ode To Courtney Love, The Mother Of Anti-Fashion 2

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Courtney’s outfits frequently were meant to send a message—literally. Yes, the butterfly wings, pink tube top, and bedazzled bob leaned on the line of “Spice Girl,” but was given a touch of signature Love style with her “DIVA”-engraved midriff.


An Ode To Courtney Love, The Mother Of Anti-Fashion 3

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Another bubblegum pink, Sharpie-covered-abs moment, because we live for this.

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