Are We All About To Start Wearing Cow Print Nails?

There’s a new nail trend in town, and it’s all about getting back to basics…literally.


The highly-requested new design comes via Kendall Jenner, who was said to be lusting after it for quite some time. For her March cover story with Allure, Jenner claimed that it’s the cow print manicure that had really captured her heart, and it’s the one style she’s been meaning to try. “I know that sounds really weird but it’s actually really cool,” she said. “So we’ll see if that happens any time soon.” 


Well, now it has.


Be Prepared to See These Nails Everywhere 1


And she’s not the firs. The trend (reproduced in various colors) is popping up all over Instagram. Enter: Ariana Grande, who also recently adopted a white base with black splotches.


Be Prepared to See These Nails Everywhere 2


There’s no question the cow manicure’s takeover is imminent, so if you’re hoping to beat the masses, pull up a few of the below pictures the next time you head to the nail salon. You’re welcome.

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