Crystal-Infused Skincare: Clearing Your Pores—And Your Mind

For decades, healing crystals were snubbed as a gimmick sold on city street corners and hole-in-the-wall exotic shops. But recently, they’ve become  an unconventional niche in the skincare market. Rose quartz and amethyst have been a part of the beauty industry for quite some time via shimmering Aether Beauty eyeshadow palettes and highlighter sticks à la Glossier, but crystal-infused skincare products are only now becoming more of a thing. Thanks to the experimental openness of the New Age beauty movement, crystal-infused body polishes and gemstone oils are being used in the name of clear skinand a clear mind.


According to Dr. Lamees Hamdan, founder and CEO of luxury skincare brand Shiffa, precious gemstones and crystals are used for their “vibrational energy,” which is said to have an astrological connection to the planets, helping restore our minds to their metaphysically highest state.  


“It is believed that certain stones have a beneficial (or non-beneficial) effect on your body and your health,” Dr. Hamdan says. “If you look closely, rings that are set in the traditional Indian manner, the stone touches the skin, as opposed to the European setting where the stone does not come into contact with the skin.”


When it comes to crystals and mental healing, it’s a similar mindset as religion: you have to believe in order for it to work. But, can it provide the same clarifying effect on our pores that it does on our brains?


Dr. Hamdan notes that there are very limited studies on the clinical effect of healing crystal’s dermatological abilities, but is a firm believer in their alleged skincare benefits. “I believe that crystals cannot harm, so why not use it until we have more studies to back the claims up,” she says. “I remember not too long ago when acupuncture was considered a ‘fringe’ and would not be considered by the medical profession. As long as the actual ingredients used in the skincare product is top notch, using crystals will not harm you, and might possibly enhance you!”


Want to give this chakra-aligning craze a chance? Then try these.


Shiffa Emerald Clarifying Face Oil


Crystal-Infused Skincare: Clearing Your Pores—And Your Mind 1


This product was made with oily/combination skin types in mind. And it doesn’t just  work to balance and purify the skin via linoleic acidDr. Hamdan claims each bottle features a pure emerald gem for a boost of creative and intellectual progress, as well as detoxification.


Herbivore Botanicals Amethyst Exfoliating Body Polish


Crystal-Infused Skincare: Clearing Your Pores—And Your Mind 2


This body exfoliant uses the power of finely ground amethyst to gently slough away any dirt, grime, and flaky patches. Amethyst, a.k.a. the Crystal Queen of Calmness, is known for its detoxifying properties and revitalizing energy.


Mount Lai De-Puffing Jade Roller


Crystal-Infused Skincare: Clearing Your Pores—And Your Mind 3


Jade rollers should be part of everyone’s crystal skincare 101 starter pack. Yes, they look good, but they also soothe your skin, promote lymphatic drainage, and help stimulate muscle contractions to give a tighter, toned look. Use this with your favorite serum for better absorption.

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