ColourPop Cosmetics’ Crushed Crystal collection features actual crystals

Healing crystals, once relegated to mall kiosks and/or that one aunt, have come back in a very big way. i-D’s Marie Lodi points out that the catalyst might have been Spencer Pratt pressing a quartz against his forehead in a 2010 episode of The Hills. (Pratt also recently had $27,000 worth of crystals from LA store Crystalarium brought in during the birth of his son with Heidi Montag.) Today, it’s rare to go into any women’s boutique without seeing crystals next to palo santo, and celebrities have lots of thoughts about the stones and their healing benefits.

Crystals are now making their way into beauty: Rose quartz and amethyst are being crushed into cosmetics to bring positive energy (if you, you know, believe in that sort of thing) anytime you put on makeup. ColourPop Cosmetics released its Crushed Crystal collection earlier this year — a line of makeup infused with amethyst, aquamarine, rose quartz, and aventurine.

“Right now, people are really into believing in positive energy, positive thoughts, all of that,” says Jordynn Wynn, marketing manager for ColourPop Cosmetics, to i-D. “Whether you believe in the actual energy of the crystal or not, even just carrying it around, people just like to be reminded of the positive thought. That’s a big reason why we kicked off our crystal line, because everybody here is super obsessed with crystals and positive energy. We thought, ‘What’s a better place to have it than in your makeup?’”

Beyond looking magical, is there any hard science behind the skincare benefits of gems? It turns out there actually might be.

“Crystals have been used as exfoliators,” dermatologist Wendy Bowe told Racked, “resulting in brighter complexions, while gold has anti-inflammatory properties and has been used for centuries to treat conditions such as arthritis.”

These metaphysical stones are being used for positive energy in, let’s just say, all sorts of ways. Chakrubs is a line of sex toys created from quartz, amethyst, and obsidian to, as the company states, “bring a sense of sacredness to your playtime.” It’s time to get sacred.


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