The power of hair is truly underestimated. Cute hairstyles can make or break your style, even if you’re wearing the hottest off-the-runway couture money can by. Think about it: some of the most iconic looks of history were tied together with a gorgeous mane of hair. Would Marilyn Monroe be the legend she is today without her bombshell-blonde curls? Maybe, but it’s pretty hard to picture without them.

That being said, the most striking cute hairstyles don’t have to be difficult. Look at some of our biggest hair staples: the classic French braid, ponytails, and loose curls are all hairstyles that have been thriving for decades through their simplicity and versatility. As cool and eccentric as a beehive or multi-braided style is, we’re not about to go the extra mile in the time of good hair.

Instead, we’re opting for one of our favorite looks this season: the surfer hair. Also more commonly known as “beach waves,”  this tousled wavy hairstyle first caught fire in the 1950s, when the “beach bum” lifestyle depicted in SoCal-filmed movies were extremely popular. This hairstyle was adored by both women and men during this time, living the beach lifestyle full-on with their ripped Levi’s and bleached wavy locks. The style only got more prominent into the 1960’s with the Bohemian movement spreading across the country, becoming not only a hairstyle but a representation of the era’s most prominent community. Throughout the decades, this hairstyle became instilled into the American counterculture that still thrives today.How to Master Beachy Waves This Summer

It’s undeniable that beach waves will always be one of the most popular of the cute hairstyles for summer. It’s also one of the easiest styles to make, which is why we’re relaxin’ beachside with this naturally messy look. Even if you’re just hanging out on the rooftops of Brooklyn, all you need are a few spritzes of sea salt spray and a small squirt of hair gel to get a look that will give every girl in Venice Beach a run for their money.

But, one thing we’re not chill with is staying stagnant with our style for a whole season. While loose beach waves are a signature summer style, not many people realize how easy it is to shake them up. From high ponytails to half-ups and many more, there’s a whole world of low-maintenance options for you to choose from. So, don’t stick to the same-old loose beach wave style, try out some of these cute and easy summer hairstyles that rejuvenate your favorite seasonal look.

If you’re looking to upgrade your summer hair do’s, then look no further, because we found some of the easiest switch-ups to the classic beach wave hairstyle. This summer, try staying cool for the summer in our favorite beach wave remixes. These cute and easy refreshes on the classic lazy summer style will give you high-key looks with low-key effort. So, whether you’re headed to the boardwalk or going uptown for your morning commute, you can give your style some laid-back vibes by rocking these tranquil hairstyles.

Chill out all season long with these easy, cute hairstyles for summer.

The Headwrap

A new headwrap can do some wonders for your beach waves. It’s extremely simple, and gives your summer hairstyle a major Boho-chic upgrade instantly. One of our favorite headwraps is this colorful Jennifer Behr silk wrap, which features an elegant rosette to give this timeless piece a modern twist. Let your inner hippie spirit shine through as you stroll around the beach with this simply fun headwrap. The vibrant peach color is fitting for the summer season, and its simple rosette detail makes a major style statement. Pair this hairstyle with your favorite sundress to create the ultimate Bohemian vibes with your look.


Rosette Silk Headwrap


Festival Hair

Summer is the unofficial festival season, and it’s the time to go all out with cute hairstyles for summer. To give your beach waves the festival goddess treatment, give your style an upgrade with this Gucci hair comb. You’ll shine brighter than the fireworks in sky with this piece added to your beach waves, as it features beautiful gold stars that shoot right out of the metal hair comb base, a piece that’s strikingly resembles SZA’s celestial Met Gala 2018 crown. To really give your hair a cosmic glow, try creating glitter roots and adding fun pastel colors to your hair as you wear this otherworldly hairpiece.


Metal sunburst hair comb


Bow Clip

When you think of beach waves, you usually don’t think about wearing them to your workplace. But, we believe that there’s always a place and time for beach waves. So, want to give your beach waves a more sophisticated touch? Then create a simple half-up style with this Salvatore Ferragamo bow hair clip. This bow clip is all you need to elevate beach waves and turn them into a professional and elegant style. This black bow features a gold tone logo hardware, giving it a luxe appeal that won’t go unnoticed. The grosgrain ribbon finish stays subtle while tying your whole hairstyle together, making it the perfect piece for giving beach waves an SFW look.


Vara Bow Hair Clip



Minimalism is a trend that we hope lasts for decades. It’s simplicity somehow gives everything it touches an air of coolness and class, which usually doesn’t come to mind when you’re thinking of relaxed beach waves. But, now you can get the best of both worlds by incorporating this gold metal hair clip from COS into your beachy waves. This slim clip is perfect for creating a loose ponytail with your beach waves, creating a look that’s ready for the glossiest of editorial covers.Wear this hairstyle to any nighttime beach or boat party to give your coastal style an urban touch.





While we’re always fans of anything with feathers, incorporating them into your summertime outfits without drenching in sweat can get pretty difficult. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t tie them into your summer hairstyles. This mini feather comb from Gigi Burris is the feathered statement piece you need to add to your summertime styles. The golden comb base gives this piece a vintage feel, and the slim tan feathers will give your hairstyles a modern free spirit vibe that’s ready to hang by the shore.


Amirah Feather Comb

290$ $122


Nothing gives us a more “girl next door” feel than pastel gingham prints like the one used in this Maison Michel headband. This headband is great for giving your surfer-girl beach waves a more retro-femme kick, making it the perfect look for any poolside parties. This headband gets a contemporary twist from its playful beaded accents, giving us full-on nostalgia for our days in summer camp. For the perfect All-American Girl look, we’re daring you to call your inner Daisy Duke and pair this headband with your favorite crop top and denim shorts.


Woman Calie Embellished Gingham Cotton Headband Pink Size -

255$ $128

Clear Clips

A single hair clip can go a long way with your cute hairstyles, especially when you’re using this Gucci crystal hair clip. This clip features the Gucci name in bold crystals, which strikingly pop out in contrast to the black base and gold clip. This hair clip is basically a logo lover’s dream, and allows you to go head-to-toe in Gucci with the rest of your favorite attire from the beloved brand. To give your beach waves a Gucci moment, simply clip a front section of your hair to the side for a minimal, but still visible, switch-up.


Crystal Gucci single hair clip


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