Fashion is a family affair for the Beckhams. Victoria Beckham has a run for her money as the Beckham coven’s most fashion-forward member—the British Fashion Council has recently appointed David Beckham as its Ambassadorial President.

In his new role, the former footballer will seek out rising talents in the British fashion scene. His goal will be to help cultivate young British talents with the aim of amplifying their global influence.

“I’m really excited about promoting fashion as an opportunity to all kids across the country, regardless of their background or their gender,” Beckham explained to the Guardian.

He continued, “That means creating more awareness for boys to get involved with fashion … helping them understand that creative opportunities are available to them too.”

The 43-year-old father of 4 has certainly had a momentous career in both sports and fashion. He’s created underwear lines with Swedish fast fashion retailer H&M. He’s also a majority shareholder in the luxury menswear brand Kent & Curwen.

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