4 Outfits That Transition From Work To A Night Out

When Friday night rolls around there are usually two options. The first is to get immediately into whatever mode of transportation gets you home and fantasize about your pajamas and takeout. Or two, leave your work and head out to hang out with some friends. If the latter is what your night is looking like, there is a 99% chance you’re not going home before you head out (maybe that’s just me? If I go home I’m staying in).


That’s why you need to have an arsenal of ensembles that you can wear to work but immediately switch up when you go out. Ahead we scoured through the internet to find the best transitional pieces along with some inspiration to get you going. 


Outfit idea #1 – All Black 


Let’s start with the easiest one. All black is the quickest way to transfer from the office to dinner, especially if you take a cue from Kendall Jenner and go with a pair of knee-high boots and a sheer top. 

Kendall Jenner Skipped The Fashion Week Runways TK TK 2


sheer button up coat – women – Silk – 46 – Black



Button Down Flutter Dress




Outfit idea #2 – Blazer removal 


Going full suit might be a little too dressy for an evening out, so with a cool t-shirt or tank top, throwing the blazer over the shoulders (or leaving it at work) is easy. 

6 Outfits That Transition From Work To A Night Out


Logo Print Rib Tank



Fringe tank with Gucci Strawberry print




Outfit idea #3 – The shoe switch 

It’s very Devil Wears Prada, but if you don’t feel like wearing stilettos around all day, leave them under your desk. A pair of slacks, a t-shirt and loafers is great for the office. Add stilettos and its a night out. 

6 Outfits That Transition From Work To A Night Out 2


Teodora Strappy Sandals



Nino Strappy Sandals




Outfit idea #4 – The button down 

A solid button-down can be laced up during the day then opened up like Leandra Medine’s at night. 

6 Outfits That Transition From Work To A Night Out 1


Button Up Shirt



Button Up Cardigan




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