Demi Lovato Likely Overdosed On OxyContin and Fentanyl

Demi Lovato overdosed on drugs around 4am on July 24, according to a report by TMZ. Lovato had texted a drug dealer around that time to come to her house in Los Angeles, a source said.

The dealer showed up and allegedly “freebased” the Oxy with Lovato off of tin foil, which means that they essentially were smoking the drug. According to the inside source, the dealer has a bad reputation for buying “dirty” drugs from Mexico, which were believe to have been laced with Fentanyl.

Lovato was lucky, considering that Fentanyl was the same drug that singer Prince and rapper Lil Peep overdosed on. Fentanyl is an opioid used to treat pain and sometimes used as an anesthetic. If it’s taken in high doses or combined with other substances, it can cause respiratory problems or death.

??? August 1st, 2018

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Earlier that evening, Lovato had been spotted at a friend’s birthday party at Saddle Ranch Chop House. Afterwards, she was seen at another party, before heading back home and hitting up her dealer.

It wasn’t until later that morning, around 11:30am, that Demi’s staff found her unconscious and revived her with Narcan. She was hospitalized following the overdose at a rehab facility outside of California. Last week, she flew to Chicago to receive special treatment from a well-known addiction specialist.

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