Depop, the resale shopping app your most fashion-savvy friends talk about, is opening another retail location in New York City. The British-owned company opened its first store in Los Angeles in March and is opening up their New York City location in Nolita.

Depop’s brick-and-mortar shop is slated to open at 168 Mott Street this summer. The Cut got a first look at their new shop, which will offer an IRL version of the app’s features. The peer-to-peer shopping app’s appeal lies somewhat in its similarity to Instagram; users have a home feed and can follow sellers to see new products. People can also leave comments and message sellers negotiate prices.

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Alongside merchandise stocked from local Depop sellers, there will be specially curated “themed takeovers” and a by-appointment-only studio where employees will assist Depop sellers with photographing their clothes to sell on the app.

According to The Cut, “racks stocked with brands like Patagonia and Supreme will occasionally be used for themed takeovers like “all-white-denim pieces.” And, brace yourselves young, broke, stylish people of New York City: there will be pizza. In a lounge-like area, sellers will be able to steam and style clothing to sell while eating pizza provided by Depop.

For an indication of what might also be available in the store, we can look to Depop’s recently opened store in Silverlake. Along with selling clothes, it’s a community space of sorts where events and meetups will be hosted. Depop founder Simon Beckerman told Racked:

“I think it’s really important for a company like ours to have an actual presence,” Beckerman said. “With shopping that’s done out of practicality, the online space is the way to go. If you buy Uniqlo t-shirts, you’d just go online. But for vintage, unique pieces, and brands that are not easily found online, these are all things you want to touch, see, and experiment with. That’s why our stores will have a rotating inventory, with items that are best-of.”

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