Designer John Targon’s New Fashion Brand Is QVC For Millennials

Just when you thought Instagram shopping was the only thing taking over, one designer is making a major pivot. How fashion of him. Tuesday morning, former Baja East co-designer John Targon launched the first iteration of his new collection “FALL RISK.” The catch? Each of the limited-edition items can only be purchased over the phone from 3 to 7 p.m. EST. 


Of course, there are limits to what a phone call can let you see, so the brand has created an online “showroom” where shoppers can view the collection. However, if you want more info or to purchase, you have to call 212-982-RISK.


“Fall Risk came about because I wanted to create clothes with a longstanding purpose. Clothes that were inspired by my favorite eras but made for today,” Targon tells COOLS. “I think clothing should serve longstanding purpose and what you bought before should feel relevant to the next things you buy from Fall Risk. Every single piece is looked at as a product. When you put clothing through the lens of creating the best product it becomes much more about creating the best possible design outside of a collection. I like taking all those single best designs and mixing and matching them.”



2019 is an interesting time in the fashion retail space, because what works for one brand isn’t necessarily the formula for another. It’s anything goes, and the customer will be the one to let the brand know what they want. Targon’s QVC experience, but make it luxury and millennial, might just be the way of the future.


FALL RISK is available for viewing at Prices range from $145 to $695 and on April 30th from 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm EST, FALL RISK will be live streaming callers on their Instagram account, @fallriskinc. 

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