No matter how minuscule the change, a fresh style, cut, and even color can make you feel like you’re taking on a whole new identity. Because of this, we all tend to stick to the same-old hairstyles for years on end (I’m currently on year four with my pin-straight side-parted black hair). Although we all feel a certain attachment to our signature hairstyles, sometimes it’s good — almost empowering — to go drastic with a new ‘do.


But, before you go crazy with the scissors and hair dye, take a second to really think about your new hairstyle. While I do live by the “do what you want and who cares what others think” attitude on style, I’m a little more particular with hair. That’s why I never, ever play the guessing game with my hairstyle. One impulsive (and terrible) college haircut has turned me away from the “surprise me” phrase that we all tend to regretfully tell our stylists. Our hairstyle is a part of our whole persona, which is why I’m a firm believer of being hyper-diligent when switching it up.


For starters, I always keep my face shape into consideration before picking out a hairstyle. For example, although micro-bangs can look killer on oval face shapes, other faces better steer clear from it (if you need help determining your face shape, you should head over to our face shape guide). If you’re a diamond face shape, then you may have a hard time figuring out the perfect style for your angles — until now.


Finding A Hairstyle For Your Diamond Shaped Face


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Are you a diamond in the rough? If you’re not sure, here are a few shining characteristics of this face shape:


  • Face is longer than it is wider.
  • Forehead and jaw are either symmetrical or similar in width.
  • Pointed chin.
  • Long, narrow jawline that shapes into a point.
  • High, pointed cheekbones.
  • Narrow forehead.
  • Face is widest at the cheekbones.


If all of these check off your list, then you’re most likely a diamond-shaped face. When you’re picking out a new hairstyle for your face shape, you’re always going to want to keep your chiseled angles in mind. You’ve got cheekbones and a jawline that can cut through glass, so don’t water it down with unflattering cuts and styles. Here are the few that you should try to stray far, far away from:


    • Heavy bangs: these bangs drown out your forehead, making your face look too short. Straight-across bangs should also be avoided, as they over-exaggerate your angles and create a harsh appearance.
    • Middle Parts: this adds length to your already-lengthy face.
    • Height-Heavy Crowns: just like middle parts, any hairstyle with added height at the crow of your head will only lengthen your face more. With diamond face shapes, always think about adding width, not height.


Now that we’ve got the hair-don’ts covered, it’s time to unveil the hairdo’s. Below, take a peek at some of the diamond face-friendly hairstyle trends of this season.


Keep your tresses in check with these fall hairstyles for diamond shaped faces.


Long, Loose Waves


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Loose waves create a full-bodied effect that is guaranteed to light eyes with envy. The long length allows the soft waves to frame your whole face, creating a softer look on your natural angles. This is a great hairstyle for most diamond face shapes for the softening, balancing effect it creates on facial contours. The side braids Tyra added to this look creates a contemporary play on the classic look, without sacrificing its angle-softening detail


If you want to give your waves a bit of body, you should always use a volumizing product when styling. These body-heightening essentials creates that added “oomph” you look for in your wavy hairstyle. When I want to give my waves some extra fullness, I use the David Mallett Volume Powder. It adds an extra lift, without weighing hair down with a gross powdery finish.



Volume Powder



Sleek Lob


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When it comes to shorter hairstyles, diamond face shapes shouldn’t stray farther than above the shoulders. This sleek and straight lob is exactly what I’m talking about: it has all of the attitude and edge we all love from our shorter styles, but doesn’t harshen your natural contours. The light pink tone is also a fun way to kick your sleek lob up a notch.


For a sleek lob, you’re going to have to whip out the straightener or blow dryer. But, we all know that these heated tool can leave our hair with a lackluster finish. So, bring that glossy sheen back with a shine-intensifying product, like this one from Oribe. It creates a reflecting-effect on your strands, leaving a radiant and healthy-looking shine.



Shine Light Reflecting Spray



Bun with Face-Framing Waves


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I know, this goes against almost everything I warned diamond face shapes from trying, but hear me out. While the high bun does add more length to the face, the soft waved create a face-framing effect that balances the whole style out. It’s a cool, breezy style to try on those off-shower days.


For this style, whip out this not-so-secret weapon: sea salt spray. Usually reserved for beachy waves, this spray will create that light and airy textured effect on your loose tresses. My top pick: the Drybar Mai Tai Spritzer Sea Salt Spray.



Mai Tai Spritzer Sea Salt Spray



Vintage Hollywood Curls


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Let your inner Marilyn Monroe thrive with be retro curls. They’re glamorous and filled with face-shaping body, making them the perfect pick for any upscale event.


For these big, bold curls, you’re going to need a strong-hold hairspray. But, no one enjoys that crunch and sticky feel that most strong-hold sprays leave on our strands. Enter the R+Co GRID Structural Hold Setting Hair Spray: it’s an ultra-fine spray that will keep your curls locked in from day to night, sans crunch, stickiness, or any unwanted residue.



GRID Structural Hold Setting Hair Spray, 5 oz./ 193 mL



Tight Curls


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Ditch the relaxers and straighteners, because your natural hair is the perfect fit for your diamond shaped face. This style adds width and balance to your face, making it appear more symmetrical. Plus, these voluminous curls are absolutely gorgeous, so don’t be afraid to go big and full with your natural hair type.


When it comes to natural hair, moisturizing and nourishment is key for low-maintenance style. Using a hydrating hair mask at least once a week is one of the greatest ways to keep your hair quenched, especially during the colder months. This ultra-moisturizing mask from VERB is an optimal pick for its intensive formula and impressive results.



Hydrating Mask



Loose Braid


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For the ultimate Boho-chic babe, this loose 3-section braid is both simplistic and elegant. It’s a universal look, so any face shape can wear it with ease. It’s also extremely easy to create: just separate your hair into three sections, loosely braid it, and yo’re ready to take on the day.


For this style, use a lightweight hairspray to keep everything set in place. This light spray from Bumble and Bumble will keep all frizz and flyaways down, without sacrificing movement and body.



Does It All Light Hold Hairspray 10 oz/ 300 mL


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