Did You Say A Cardi B Diss Track May Be Dropping Sooner Rather Than Later?

Ladies and gentleman, clutch your pearls and gird your loins as the rumor mills continue to perpetuate the release of a Cardi B diss track against Nicki Minaj in the near future. Pause. Emphasis on (future) as the rumors are just that— word on the street is that Cardi’s team wanted some of the lyrics edited out due to her ‘savagery.’ But isn’t that why so many fell in love with her, to begin with? That no holds barge attitude is golden in a world full of carbon copies and clones (*cough, cough the Kardashian/Jenner empire) but I digress.


Allegedly, several individuals in Cardi’s camp argued that the lyrics would benefit Minaj and that the track may be shelved indefinitely. The vision of trap queens around the world in solidarity as they shed their most thuggish tear in hearing this news. In her defense, Cardi has been quoted saying, “she’s already eclipsed Nicki” so what’s the point in beating a petty horse, right? It seems to be an unnecessary downward spiral in a time where women are fighting for equality and to be heard it’s just one negligible instance after the next. From questioning someone’s parenting skills to throwing shoes at a high profile event, it’s all juvenile and in poor taste.


The rap game is lead to be a man’s world with two of the industry’s leading ladies too busy feuding like scratching cats to understand they are stronger together. Solidify the womanhood and bind together in one accord. Mark my words, a united front is a along the horizon in the tune of a release track between the two.


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