Camila Cabello’s Hairstylist On The Art Of The Curtain Bang

Whether you’re trying to physically rid yourself of the tribulations from Mercury retrograde (only one more day!), or just wanting to make a switch from your usual middle part, transforming your bangs is usually the first move. But, be warned: bangs are not for the faint of heart, so drop the scissors and don’t even dare to try and chop them yourself (unless you want to become one of the many, many DIY-gone-wrong memes).


Need a little bit of inspiration for your next chop? Then look no further than the queen of the bang: Camila Cabello. Bangs to Cabello are like high ponytails to Ariana Grande—they’ve become as popular as the heads they’ve rooted from. But, as we all know, her style isn’t your average Dora the Explorer bluntness: they’re fringed, wispy, and quite sultry; an elevated rendition from your run of the mill bangs.


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So, how does one manifest the highest power of Cabello-approved curtain bangs? Take some tips from Dimitri Giannetos, celebrity hairstylist and Cabello’s go-to guy for her hair. 


But, before you get scissor-happy, Giannetos suggests doing a trial run with faux bangs before you go for the big cut. “I’d suggest placing a piece of fake bangs and see how you feel about the look,” he says. “Then, if you love them, it’s so easy to cut the bang to match your face.”


Giannetos notes that no matter her hair length or texture for the day, her bangs will always be at a brow-grazing length. “I usually trim her bangs every 2-3 weeks right on the eyebrow line with a few shorter pieces in the middle for a more sophisticated look,” he says. “One of my go-to products is the Eva NYC Mane Magic 10-in-1 Primer. I use this product all the time after I wash hair and before applying heat. It refreshes the hair during the day and after the beach. For Camila’s bangs, I simply spray some water on the bangs to reset the shape instead of using hot tools or blow drying them.”


Et voilá: curtain bangs fit for the lovely “Señorita” singer. But, if you want to switch things up further, Giannetos has another tip: “The great thing about curtain bangs is that you can easily hide them if you don’t want to wear them all the time,” he says. “You can achieve this look by creating a side part and throwing your hair in a cool ponytail.”


Now, go forth and live your best, bangin’ (pun intended) life.



Mane Magic 10-in-1 Primer



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