Donatella Versace just joined the latest lineup of designers who say they are no longer using real fur in their collections. In an interview with The Economist, she said, “Fur? I’m out of that. I don’t want to kill animals to make fashion.”

It’s a particularly bold move coming from Versace, a fashion house known for luxury, glamorous excess and this bodacious black-and-yellow mink fur coat. That being said, we all know faux fur is where it’s at right now, and we can’t wait to see the dreamy/luxe faux fur coats in DayGlo colors Versace dreams up.

The label joins the ranks of other luxury labels saying no to fur: Michael Kors, Gucci, Tom Ford and Givenchy. Versace headquarters haven’t commented on Donatella’s statement yet, but it might take a minute for the company to fully receive the memo. 1843 noted that her announcement was so sudden that the site was still encouraging shoppers to buy “fur-embellished coats that turn heads”.

And naturally, the Humane Society International is pretty stoked about the decision.

“Versace is a massively influential luxury brand that symbolizes excess and glamour, and so its decision to stop using fur shows that compassionate fashion has never been more on trend,” said Claire Bass, executive director of HSI’s UK branch.


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